Monday, 31 December 2012


This was my favourite song when I got married and so is dedicated to my wife because she loves a millionaire (or at least someone who she makes feel like one).

Beyond Good and Evil

I fancy myself as forward looking and living in the now but worry that music might be going backwards. The Guardian reported on an academic study that proved pop music uses progressively less varied melodic variation, rhythmn and timbre. Effectively this means that it does all sound the same. Kids now seem to accept this, unfortunately. This record is 34 years old, why are young people now not wanting to be as challenging as this? Also, look at their clothes. I always thought that Spandau Ballet ripped their look off the Pop Group. Here's the proof. 

Monday, 24 December 2012

There's a new girl in town

Previous song was from the There's a New Girl in Town EP and here is the New Girl doing her own version of the Wayward Wind. She's not exactly Gogi Grant but a surprisingly deep voice. Like Jim Reeves. Lily, you might like this. It looks a bit like your bedroom.

The Wayward Wind

My sister reminded me about this. So this is dedicated to her.