Thursday, 8 December 2011

Megamix 2

This was my response to the previous post. I can clearly remember being very impressed by hearing the Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel (although I did not know at the time that that is what it was called). That would date this at 1981/1982.


  1. Hi! Fun stuff here, but a correction for your dating. This can't be from '81/'82 because you have a sample of Robert DeNiro from "The Untouchables" which was released in 1987 at about 2:00 ("I want him dead...").

    1. Thanks, Zippy. You are absolutely right. It is from the Untouchables and the whole thing must be from 1987 or later. That puts it in a very different place in my mental chronology as I was living in London then and was clearly continuing to attempt to make music a lot later than I thought (I thought I had stopped in 1984). Part of my idea in blogging was to try and get a better grip on my own timeline. This really helps, many thanks.