Monday, 4 June 2012

The Godz

I fancy myself a musical primitivist but The Godz take the primitivist biscuit. The ne plus ultra of primitivism, Easy to characterise as untutored and ill disciplined. Absolutely rubbish and completely brilliant at the same time. Barely photographed, hardly written about, this most obscure group sometimes seems not to exist, to be an invention of another fictitious Lester Bangs article. I cannot remember their names and know nothing of their biography. But they did exist and thanks to You Tube here they are in 1966 sitting in their apartment practicising their hopeless music and then having a party and dancing with girls and then playing a show. I was once asked what other time I would have liked to live in and I said there was none. But perhaps I might like to go to 1966 when Godz walked the earth.

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