Saturday, 7 February 2015

Holiday Music 2

I fancy myself saved. Having 'fessed up our guilt, we are now free to obey and not stray from the path of righteousness lest we relapse into our old ways. The Fa Sol La Singers give some Sacred Harp Music, which I like a lot. The name comes from the Sacred Harp Hymn Book and it is distinguishable by all songs being prefaced by singing the names of the notes in the tune before the lyrics kick in, hence the Fa Sol La singers.

I like how the music sounds improvised, though it isn't, like the singers are making it up as they go along, though they aren't. This is another characteristic of this style of communal singing. There are elements of chanting and of counter point in there and then they do a show-offy stop and start thing with the tune. Sacred Harp singing is not afraid of flair. Hymns, Ancient and Modern gave us dirges conveying sanctimonious sentiments. A sort of Come into the Garden, Jesus. Sacred Harp singing exhorts participants to sound their instruments of joy.

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